The Temple of Heaven, Beijing.


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We visited the Temple of Heaven in Beijing early in the morning.  I’d thought it was an urban legend that the Chinese go to the park to do early morning exercise, but it’s actually true.  The park was so busy and it was lovely to see the local people coming together to exercise and socialise together.


Dog loving Chinese


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On our China visit, I was nervous about seeing dog and cat meat on the menu.  Being a vegetarian and an animal lover, I was worried about how the Chinese treated their animals.  But, I found out it’s only in a small number of places and most of the Chinese love their dogs and cats.  Here’s one lady who was carrying her dog around in a baby carrier!

Dubai’s First Cat Cafe


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This is cheeky Alaska at Dubai’s first cat cafe, Ailuromania.  It’s an amazing place for cat lovers.

They have a 50dhs minimum spend charge and you pay that then go into the cat room where there are lots of beautiful cats to entertain you and cuddle.  You can order drinks and food and sit and chill whilst the cats sleep and run around.

They have made sure that there is a visitor free zone for the cats to escape if they don’t feel like being sociable.

I can highly recommend a visit if you are a cat lover.

The Wild Wild Wolf


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A little while ago, I did a photoshoot for The Animal Agency at Wild Flight.  Wild Flight do falconry and have salukis and other Arabian animals.  It was really interesting to find out about how the salukis and falcons work together to hunt in the desert.

This is my absolute favourite picture as this lovely saluki decided to photobomb my photo of the wolf!

Vietnam Street Photography


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Over the summer, I was lucky enough to visit Vietnam.  We decided to make this trip a photography tour and signed up to do some street photography courses.  What an amazing time we had!  Doing this kind of course allows you to visit parts of the country that tourists might not otherwise see and meet the real people who live there.  In Ho Chi Minh City, we learned with Arnaud from Vietnam Photo Adventures and in stunning Hoi An, with Pieter from Hoi An Photo Walks.  Both were excellent teachers with wonderful local knowledge.  I can highly recommend a photowalk when you visit a new city, even if you don’t class yourself as a ‘photographer’!

Crazy little dog.

Crazy little dog I met in Ho Chi Minh City.